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Sharper Night 2020
Ecco il video della nostra partecipazione alla notte della ricerca del 27 novembre 2020. Video
Workshop: Pattern Recognition for Cultural Heritage (ICPR 2021)
January 11, 2021. PATRECH2020 will be Virtual same as ICPR2020 main conference The huge number of artifacts and information that come from the past is increasingly and rapidly being digitized. However, the useful information contained in these data is not easy to exploit and analysis is needed. On the other hand, the digital representations of real objects require for manipulation. In recent years machine learning and pattern recognition algorithms are giving the opportunity to analyze and manipulate the acquired data in order to better exploit the contained information, generate the best digital representation, provide automatic or semi-automatic tools for support archaeologist and researcher in the field. The aim of this workshop is to present recent advances in Pattern Recognition (PR) techniques for data analysis and representation in the cultural heritage field. Bringing together the work of many experts in this multidisciplinary subject to highlight these advances from a wide-angle perspective, as well as to stimulate new theoretical and applied research for better characterizing the state of the art in this subject.